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Regulate Your Nervous System
for Eating Disorder Recovery
  • Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback for Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Anorexia, Yo-Yo Dieting, and Disordered Eating

  • In-Person/Telehealth

  • Teens & Adults

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Learn about our unique eating therapy method that goes beyond talk-therapy to quickly shift self-sabotoging mindsets while rebalancing the nervous system to support healthy eating patterns, a positive body image, and eating disorder recovery.

Talk Therapy and Beyond

If you've lost your way with food, struggle with your body image, or are caught in an endless cycle of disordered eating, we are here to help. We offer talk therapy and more, inviting you to experience the transformative power of quick-shift psychotherapy combined with neurofeedback brainwave training and nutritional support. Our unique approach helps you to quickly shift self-sabotaging mindsets, while rebalancing the nervous system to regulate your appetite, alleviate stress, and dismantle disordered eating patterns for a full recovery.

Yellow Mind --
A state of regulation and recovery


What We Offer

Quick-Shift Psychotherapy

In-person & Telehealth

Quick-shift psychotherapy is designed to help individuals shift self-sabotaging belief systems quickly and effectively. We partner with you to identify the mindsets that keep you stuck in disordered eating patterns and body image struggles, and guide a shift into empowered and healthy mindsets that foster recovery.

In-person & Telehealth

Eating disorders are states of stress typically linked to societal pressure to conform to certain body types and eating patterns. These pressures are often compounded by personal hardships, creating a challenging and complex situation for individuals affected. We use neurofeedback and bioregulation therapies to target the underlying stress that contributes to eating disorders. Our aim is to restore balance and stability to the nervous system, creating an internal environment that fosters a healthy appetite, weight, and body image.

Nutrition Support

In-person & Telehealth

The diet mindset and lifestyle often results in malnutrition which has detrimental effects on sleep, mood, emotional regulation, cognitive function, appetite, and eating patterns. To restore a healthy nutritional status, we combine evidence-based eating strategies with intuitive eating methods. This not only boosts your nutritional well-being but also enhances your overall health, reduces food cravings, and fosters a connection to hunger and fullness cues, supporting body-attuned eating.


Neurofeedback Brainwave Training

In this video, founder Alison Ross, LMFT provides insight on how neurofeedback supports eating disorder recovery by reactivating the brain's natural ability to regulate itself, assisting with emotion and eating regulation.

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After a few weeks of neurofeedback and therapy I noticed that my mind had become quieter. It felt like someone turned off the mean voice in my head."


"Working with Alison has been a life-changing experience. My body used to bring me to tears on the daily, but Alison taught me how to love myself and my body."


I started therapy because I wanted to stop overeating. I was surprised to learn that stressing about my body and going on diets was the problem. Today, I am proud to say that I finally have a healthy relationship with food..”


4 simple steps to get started
Step 1
Contact us to book a FREE 15 min information call.

It’s the best way to know how we can help you.

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Step 2
Get matched with a therapist that fits your specific needs. 

We’ll support you each step of the way.

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Step 3
Meet with your therapist in-person or by telehealth in a safe, judgment free environment.

Work together to create a plan personalized to meet your needs.

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Step 4
Celebrate your success.

Lead a mindful life and feel like yourself again.

Mindset shifts from diet mentality to mentality of self-awareness and self-care.
Settling and stabilizing the nervous system to recover from the chronic stress of the diet mentality and lifestyle.
Regulating the appetite, digestion, metabolism, mood, energy, emotions to create the internal conditions that support healthy eating, weight, body image
Creating the mindset, brainwave activity, and biorhythms that support confidence and healthy eating patterns
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