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Evolved Eating Therapy

Providing effective and efficient eating therapy to put an end to…

binge-eating patterns


restricting-overeating cycles

all forms of disordered eating

Eating Help
Help with Eating

A Non-Dieting Health Paradigm

  • Develop an easy relationship with food

  • Heal from the anxiety and shame about your body that keeps you stuck in disordered eating cycles

  • Love your body, be empowered

We get to the root of disordered eating.

Eating disorders develop as a result of intense societal pressure from diet culture, that promotes unrealistic expectations for weight, appearance, and eating patterns, often coupled with other personal adversities, including experiencing mistreatment, abuse, violence, or exposure to dysfunctional social systems. These pressures trigger eating disorders by instilling fear in one's mind about one's body and appetite and inducing stress in the nervous system, which disrupts a healthy appetite, eating patterns, and body image.

Non-Dieting Health provides therapies that go right to the root of the problem. We help you quickly shift your mindset and nervous system away from toxic stress, guiding you towards a state of regulation and recovery that we refer to as "yellow mind." Our unique eating therapy, offered by licensed psychotherapists, combines quick-shift psychotherapy with neurofeedback brainwave training, and nutritional support. Together these therapies work deep in the body and mind to quiet critical thinking, reduce shame and fear, regulate your appetite, and support healthy eating patterns, a healthy weight, and a positive body image.

Yellow Mind --
A state of regulation and recovery

Benefits of Our Method

Mindset shifts from diet mentality to mentality of self-awareness and self-care.
Settling and stabilizing the nervous system to recover from the chronic stress of the diet mentality and lifestyle.
Regulating the appetite, digestion, metabolism, mood, energy, emotions to create the internal conditions that support healthy eating, weight, body image
Creating the mindset, brainwave activity, and biorhythms that support health and wellness.
Specialized eating therapy that works

Services available in-person and by telehealth

Quick-Shift Psychotherapy 
In-person & Telehealth Available
Quickly-shift from self-sabotaging mindsets that undermine your confidence and disrupt healthy eating patterns to empowering mindsets that cultivate body confidence and foster a harmonious relationship with food.
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Your eating patterns and how you feel about your body are psychological imprints wired early in life. Quick-shift psychotherapy can help you to change your mindset about food and your body. It can assist you in restructuring fear and shame-based beliefs, thinking, and behavior patterns associated with disordered eating. You’ll be able to build a relationship with your appetite where you can enjoy your cultural foods in ways that honor your body and nutritional needs and offer more joy and satisfaction. You will learn to befriend your body as you connect to the amazing experience of embodiment, cultivate trust in yourself, and experience the power of being emotionally and physically nourished.

Neurofeedback Brainwave Training & Bioregulation Therapy
In-person & Telehealth Available
These therapeutic technologies enhance the ability of the nervous system to effectively manage stress and regulate bodily functions. This fosters a state of tranquility, a quieter mind, enhanced mood, increased energy, and improved sleep. Moreover, it offers a greater capacity to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behavior, including eating behavior.
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Neurofeedback brainwave training and bioregulation therapies support the nervous system to more effectively manage stress and regulate bodily functions. This can result in a state of calm, a quieter mind, improved mood, energy, and sleep, as well as an improved capacity to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behavior, including eating behavior. In combination with bioregulation therapy, neurofeedback also helps to regulate your appetite attuning it to your body's nutritional needs, supporting natural eating patterns and a healthy weight. By helping the body's systems work together in harmony, these therapeutic technologies bring your body and mind into a state of harmony and wellness that we call yellow mind. With sessions, our clients report: Feeling more satisfied during and after eating Less emotional reactivity and stress-driven eating Fewer and less intense food cravings A quiet mind and less self-criticism Increased comfort with their body A sense of inner security Self-trust with food A positive relationship with one's self Improved emotional awareness and regulation Improved sleep and energy Reduced pain Improvement in a variety of health conditions including chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines, IBS, sleep problems, and more.

Nutritional Support
In-person & Telehealth Available
We guide a shift from the diet mentality to nutritional self-care, combining science-based eating strategies with intuitive methods to optimize nutritional wellbeing. By fostering trust in one's natural appetite and empowering individuals with food choices, we promote sustainable and nourishing eating patterns that bring satisfaction, ease, and health.
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Nutritional support offers an approach to self-nourishment that represents a shift from the diet mentality to an intuitive relationship with eating. We combine science-based eating strategies with intuitive eating methods that improve your nutritional status while helping you optimize nutrition, pleasure, and a sense of satiation that improves your energy, health, mood, sleep, focus, and overall functioning.

You deserve a stress and shame-free relationship with food and your body.
Reclaim that sense of wonder and appreciation for who you are.
You are worth it

Develop a mindset shift from diet mentality —> to self-awareness and self-care.

Recover from the chronic stress of the diet mentality and lifestyle.

Regulate appetite, digestion, metabolism, mood, energy, emotions to create the internal conditions that support healthy eating, weight, body image.

With cutting-edge technology, stimulate mindsets, brainwave activity, and biorhythms that support healthy eating patterns and body confidence.


4 simple steps to get started
Step 1
Contact us to book a FREE 15 min information call.

It’s the best way to know how we can help you.

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Step 2
Get matched with a therapist that fits your specific needs. 

We’ll support you each step of the way.

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Step 3
Meet with your therapist in-person or online in a safe, judgment free environment.

Work together to create a plan personalized to meet your needs.

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Step 4
Celebrate your success.

Lead a mindful life and feel like yourself again.

At Non-Dieting Health we know how deeply diet culture can impact the way we think about food and our bodies.

We provide fast, effective and cutting-edge therapy to support anyone suffering from disordered eating.

This work results in deep healing that profoundly changes how you think and feel about food, your body and yourself - for good. 

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