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Diet Talk Goes Viral

Author: Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

Yesterday, I overheard a mother body-shaming herself in front of her husband and kids.

I hurt for her. And I feel angry at the voices that turned her against the amazing body that carries her through life.

I also feel sad for her kids, because diet talk is toxic to young minds. The shame she feels and is expressing about her body is like a virus that can spread from one person to the next. I'm pretty sure it was soaked up by the sponge-like minds of her young children.

I do this work because I know how that mom feels. I know what it's like to be turned against your own body. And, I also know that with guidance and support, we can be released from the grip diet culture has on our minds. No mother needs to hold that shame. And no kid needs to internalize it from a hurting parent. If you are struggling, seek help. Because the grass truly is greener on the other side of the toxic diet culture mindset.


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