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Navigating Unwanted Food And Body Talk

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

By: Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

Are certain people in your life overly interested in your weight or food choices?

Do they make comments about what you eat or how your body is that make you uncomfortable?

Do they seem to look up to you when you lose weight or eat certain things, but look down on you if you gain weight or eat certain things? 🤔

If other people's comments and attitudes stress you out, please set boundaries to keep yourself safe! Here are some strategies to help you maintain your personal space around those who tend to cross boundaries regarding eating and weight:

1️⃣ Redirect the conversation: "Hey, can we talk about something else?"

2️⃣ Assert your autonomy: "My body is my business."

3️⃣ Be direct: Say, "Please don't comment on what I eat or weigh. It stresses me out."

4️⃣ Take space: Physically remove yourself from that person for a while. You're entitled to environments where you feel safe and respected.

Here are a few more things you could say in response to body and food comments:

  • "I've noticed that our conversations often revolve around my diet or weight. I'd prefer if we could focus on other topics."

  • "I think it's really important to respect each other's individual choices, particularly when it comes to personal matters like what we eat."

  • "I'm trying to have a positive relationship with food and my body, so It would be helpful if we could steer our conversations away from these areas."

  • "There are so many more interesting things to talk about than what we eat and and how our bodies are."

  • "I don't feel I need to justify or explain my weight or my eating choices."

  • "I am focusing on my mental well-being and body positivity these days, so it'd be great if our talks could reflect that too."

If you have ideas about how to hold your boundaries when someone is making food and body comments, please share them in the comments below! Remember, you deserve respect and positivity! ❤️

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