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What looks like a person living their best life, could be a health crisis.

If you're in recovery and your friend loses a bunch of weight and starts flaunting it, it can really trigger your eating disorder.

In AA, people describe their addiction as cunning, baffling, and powerful. And these are great words to describe the eating disorder mind. It's a con artist that shows up in these vulnerable moments to manipulate you.

It's gonna tell you that your friend found the holy grail, and you can too if you get back to restricting food. But don't be fooled. If your friend pushed their body too far or fast into weight loss, they're already struggling behind that shiny mask. More important, even if this is ok for your friend, it wouldn't be ok for you. The last time you went there, it was a prison - obsessions, body dysmorphia, isolation, hunger, and a brutal war on yourself.

In diet culture, what looks like a person living their best life, is often a health crisis. So, don't buy into the con. Be brave and stick to your recovery. Cuz if you do, I promise you, one day you're going to wake up, go about your day, and realize that you didn't even worry about your weight, or obsess about food.

That you're free. That you found peace.

5 Tips for Resisting the Pressure to Restrict Your Food

1. Accept that your body is unique and requires nourishment specific to you.

2. Practice self-care in the form of pursuing activities that bring you joy.

3. Talk to a trusted friend or mental health professional when the urge to restrict arises.

4. Remind yourself that losing weight will not give you the life of your dreams.

5. Focus on eating nutritious food that makes you feel good and keeps your body strong.

Remember, recovery takes time and patience but it is worth it in the end! No matter what, keep fighting for yourself.


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