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At-Home Neurofeedback

Experience the convenience of conducting your neurofeedback brainwave training program from the comfort of your own home. Do sessions when it is most convenient for you, as often as you like, with telehealth supervision and guidance from your neurofeedback practitioner.

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Your Training Program

Custom, home-use neurofeedback program

Telehealth guidance and supervision from your neurofeedback practitioner

Unlimited neurofeedback sessions

Lease a state-of-the art clinical system

System installation and setup

One-Time Set up Fee: $599


  • Software Installation & Setup

  • Assessment & Custom Training Plan with your Neurofeedback Practitioner

  • Home Use Training Session

Monthly Fee: $399


  • Leased Home Use Neurofeedback Kit

  • Software License

  • Unlimited Self-Administered Training

  • One-On-One Session with your Neurofeedback Practitioner

Requirements (not included in package)

Additional Services

  • Additional supervision, guidance, and/or training with your Practitioner - $150/50 min.

  • Additional Technical Support - $150/50 min.

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What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback brainwave training is an FDA-approved therapeutic technique for stress reduction. But in our experience, it's benefits extend beyond stress relief. With therapy, our clients report a reduction in disordered eating behaviors, feeling more comfortable in their bodies, improved awareness of hunger and fullness cues, better sleep patterns, and improved self-image. This holistic approach to healing promotes lasting positive change and supports individuals in their recovery journey.

How Neurofeedback Supports Your Recovery

Chronic stress is a significant underlying factor in eating disorders. The pressure from diet culture to conform to certain body ideals and eating patterns can create immense stress and anxiety for individuals. Additionally, personal adversities or trauma can further contribute to a chronically stressed nervous system. Stress sets the stage for eating disorders as it can dysregulate the appetite, eating patterns, and disrupt one's confidence and body perception.


Neurofeedback offers a solution by helping individuals with eating disorders settle and stabilize their central nervous system. By targeting specific brainwave patterns, neurofeedback is a fast and effective way to promote improved regulation of the body's systems, leading to many mental and physical health benefits. It can be particularly supportive for individuals dealing with eating disorders, as it can lead to improved mood, emotional health, and improved appetite and eating regulation.

Neurofeedback therapy offers a range of benefits to support individuals in their eating disorder recovery journey. Here are some key advantages:

Appetite and Eating Regulation

Reduce urges to disordered eating and stress and emotion-driven eating patterns. Increase awareness of natural hunger, fullness, and appetite cues, supporting a body-attuned approach to eating.

Stress Reduction & Improved Energy

Optimize the arousal level of the central nervous system reducing stress and anxiety or lifting energy as needed to improve overall mood, focus, and productivity. By calming the central nervous system, individuals can better cope with daily challenges and achieve a sense of emotional stability.

Inner Peace & Body Confidence

Reduce fear-based and self-critical thinking while fostering an inner sense of security. This provides a foundation on which individuals with eating disorders can develop self-acceptance, confidence, and a positive body image.

Improved Sleep & Reduced Pain

Promotes relaxation and regulated brainwave patterns associated with deep sleep, allowing patients to achieve better restorative rest. Alleviates chronic pain by reducing muscle tension.

How Neurofeedback Works

Training the Brain into Wellness

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Relax in a Comfy Chair

During your neurofeedback session, you will sit comfortably in a chair while observing a pleasant scene or engaging in a neurofeedback game on a monitor.


Watch a Pleasant Scene

Electrodes will be placed in specific patterns on your head to capture brainwave activity without any invasive procedure. These electrodes transmit the brainwave data to a computer, which then analyzes the information and sends signals back to your brain through the scene on the monitor.


Develop Inner Peace

Your brain will adapt its activity in response to signals, finding a regulated state. With training, and over time, this regulated state becomes your new baseline, fostering mental clarity, productivity, wellness, and a profound sense of tranquility.

“One of the most remarkable changes was that my busy mind became a quiet mind. The critical thoughts that used to dominate my every waking moment stopped. I started to feel more calm, and to see myself in a new light."

Sue H, CA

At Non-Dieting Health we know how deeply diet culture can impact the way we think about food and our bodies.

We provide fast, effective and cutting-edge therapy to support anyone suffering from disordered eating.

This work results in deep healing that profoundly changes how you think and feel about food, your body and yourself - for good. 

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