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Shame of Diet Culture reports that 1 in 5 adults feels "disgusting" about their bodies. How do we break free from the toxic cycle of body shaming ourselves? How do we create peace with our body image? Allison Ross, eating and body image therapist and author of "Non-Dieting: How to Love your Body and Be Healthy in Diet Culture" discusses: the origins of body image issues body neutrality understanding the role of social media in our body image issues


You can support the show at #StayUnshaming with us at and Producers/Editors: Jor Gonsalves & Sam Stone


How to Respond When Your Child Is Gaining Weight

Alison Ross is a licensed psychotherapist and neurofeedback practitioner specializing in eating and body image. She founded Non-Dieting Health in Agoura Hills, California, a center offering therapy, neurofeedback brainwave training, and group support for people struggling with disordered eating and body image. She is also the author of Non-Dieting: How to Love Your Body and Be Healthy in Diet Culture, available for sale on Amazon. Alison’s work is her passion. It is inspired by her recovery from disordered eating and body image struggles.

Whether working with clients, writing, speaking, or lending her voice to the body-positive, non-dieting social justice movements on social media, Alison’s mission is to help people break free of shame-based mindsets about food and their bodies. And to support them in creating the internal conditions that help them navigate a tricky food and diet culture with their health intact.

We discuss topics including:

  • Alison’s own struggles with eating and body image as a teen when her natural growth curve was not normalized or supported by important others in her life

  • Helping parents navigate their own discomfort through their kids growth curve

  • How pathologizing adolescent weight gain can be harmful

  • As a parent, the importance of “just listening”

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