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"Am I Good Enough?" to "I Can Be of Service"

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Quick Mindset-Shift for Eating Disorder Recovery

By: Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

If you're struggling with an eating disorder, you've been under so much pressure about your appearance, that it can be difficult to engage socially. When it comes to going out, you might get blocked by worries about finding the right outfit, being judged, or not being good enough.

What can help is a mindset shift that comes from AA where they say, "Be of service". This is an invitation to focus less on how others might see you, and more on generously sharing your unique, irreplaceable self with others. It empowers you to show up to social events, supported by the knowledge of the value you can bring - that you can make someone laugh, connect with someone, or offer friendship.

I hope this mindset shift helps you get out of your head and into the world to share your special and unique self with others. Because getting more firmly connected in the world helps others as much as it helps your recovery. You are special and needed.

Comment below and let us know how this mindset shift works for you! 🌺


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