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Body Confident Unicorns & Something Toxic in the Air

By: Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

Have you ever noticed that it's more common to meet people who dislike their bodies than it is to meet people who really like their bodies?

And while those body confident unicorns do exist, the fact that they're not common tells us something, doesn't it? I mean, it can't be that there's something inherently wrong with these millions of bodies that are disliked by their occupants!!!

It's that there's something toxic in the air we're breathing. And I think we all know what it is - we're being bombarded through our screens with messages that make us believe that our normal bodies are an embarrassment, and that eating food is kinda scary and shameful.

And, you know what you should do when you realize the air is toxic?

You gotta stop breathing it in. You gotta see that every fear-inducing message about your body and food that pops up on your screen has an agenda - to make you feel insecure so you'll buy things to fix what they make you feel bad about.

Protect yourself from these messages by seeing them for what they truly are - toxic, profit-driven manipulation.


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