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If foot binding is barbaric...

[Support for Eating Disorder Recovery}

I remember being in social studies class when I was in middle school and learning about foot binding in China. It blew my mind to realize that an entire society could agree to force girls to do something so barbaric to conform to beauty standards.

But now I wonder, was there a middle schooler in China learning about the societal pressure in the Western world on kids - how we encourage them to shrink, not just their feet, but their entire bodies by restricting food to meet beauty standards? Hmmm.

Just say no to the pressure to restrict nutrition to try to conform to beauty standards! It's barbaric that the diet industry would encourage such unhealthy behavior - and it's really not all that different from the practice of foot binding, is it? Here are some ways you can improve your health by giving yourself the nutrition you need:

  1. Get to know your cues of hunger and fullness and use them to guide your eating.

  2. Trust your appetite. It is a wise and dynamic guide to what, when, and how much nutrition you need.

  3. Manage stress to help regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, and appetite. Reducing stress reduces stress eating.

  4. Practice appreciating how your natural body is, instead of trying to push it into unsustainable weight loss.

  5. If you need help in your relationship with food and your body, reach out.



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