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It's not an eating disorder...

It's an eating adaptation.

It's how people cope with being told over again and again that they have to eat or look a certain way to belong.

And that's why the diet, fitness, fashion, and food industries, and maybe the people who picked on your body or taught you to diet in the first place, should be paying for your therapy!


Eating disorders aren't problems of the individual, they're societal problems. They are the result of a society that puts relentless pressure on people to look and eat in very specific and extreme ways. If we want to reduce or eliminate eating disorders, we need to start by addressing the systems and conditions that create them.

This involves reducing weight stigma, offering inclusivity to all body types, and a health perspective that centers around self-awareness and self-care, instead of dieting and weight obsession. Individuals can make a difference - start by adopting these attitudes at home and in your community to protect your mental health and that of your loved ones.

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