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Fixating on food & weight isn't healthy. It's a sign of anxiety.

By Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

Perhaps we're so used to be told that we should watch our weight and monitor our diet that when we become fixated on our size, shape, and food choices, we mistakenly believe that we're just prioritizing our health. But a preoccupation with weight and eating is actually a sign of anxiety related to body image. It is an indication that you've been under a lot of pressure to conform to unhealthy body ideals. And the answer might be to get the stress out of your body image!

Reach out if you think you're spending too much of your headspace on eating and weight worries. With help you can overcome the pressures of diet culture and focus on what matters most - your mental and physical health! #mentalhealthmatters #bodypositivity #selfcarematters 💖💪❤️


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