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If Lizzo Body-Shamed Her Dancers...

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

By: Alison Ross, LMFT, CEDS

I don't know if Lizzo and her staff body-shamed her dancers. It needs to be sorted out in a legal process. What I do know is that body shaming at work toward those who entertain us is common and toxic. 😔

We live in a society where weight stigma is pervasive. We're conditioned to believe that a person can only be a valid entertainer if they look a certain way. As long as systemic weight stigma is weighing down on all of us, the people who produce our entertainment, like Lizzo, are likely to internalize it and project it onto those who work for them because they will continue to be fearful that if their production doesn't look a certain way, it will be rejected.

Of course, body shaming doesn't only happen in entertainment. It happens in many spaces - other work environments, homes, schools, and sports. And if we want body shaming to stop, then we as a society need to recognize that talent and beauty come in a diversity of forms. ✨💖

Change can start with you when you acknowledge the beauty in your unique form. When you appreciate your own body, it's like breaking free from those narrow beauty standards society imposes. You can start to see beauty in its diverse forms, which not only uplifts you but also helps the world change its heart. 🌍

Help the world change it's heart! 💖💪💪🏿✨


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