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Little ways to protest weight stigma and diet dogma to support eating disorder recovery.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

In the 60s, feminists burned their bras at a Miss America contest to protest the oppressive images of female beauty that were being projected onto them.

This might have been a first step in the body-positive movement, but it certainly wasn't the last. People still feel this pressure today. But we also protest.

If you're in eating disorder recovery, it's a big step is when you stop being so angry at your body and find your righteous anger at voices that seek to turn you against it.

My clients protest weight stigma and diet dogma daily, in big and small ways...

Last week, someone I know, asked her friend if they could stop talking about diets and weight so much, there are so many more interesting things to talk about!

Another gave her scale to goodwill - good riddance.

And another asked her doctor look at her lab work before making assumptions about her health based on her weight - seems reasonable!

Are you protesting yet? If, so, tell us how in the comments. Or check out some protest ideas below.

Ways to Protest Body Shaming and Weight Stigma in Diet Culture

1. Set boundaries with friends or family members who comment about your weight or eating choices.

2. Follow body-positive activists who advocate for acceptance and self-love, and rid your feed of those who spread body insecurity.

3. Stop engaging in diet talk with friends or family; instead, focus on more meaningful conversations.

4. Participate in body-positive events that celebrate all sizes and shapes IG @neda

5. Join the IG @i_weigh community, Jameela Jamil's body positive organization.

6. Throw away your scale.

7. Honor your bodies' eating cues, rather than following restrictive diets or "lifestyle plans."

Let's continue the protest! What other ways can you stand up to diet culture?

Share your ideas in the comments below.


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